Luis & Marsha

Luis & Marsha are the visionaries behind Humble House Foods. They worked in the restaurant scene in college and loved the industry but wanted to build something more involved in the community.  That led them to dream up Humble House Foods in 2009.  Having fun with friends, traveling, and enjoying great food are some of the things this young couple enjoys doing. Humble House gets its young urban spirit and insiration from its passionate founders every week!


Sales Team

The Humble House sales team is comprised of Sam and Marsha. This A-Team will take care of your every pesto need.  They enjoy engaging banter with the customers at the maket and love to meet your four legged family members.  They have both taken part in the manufactoring side of Humble House as well, giving them a unique understanding of each and every product we offer.  You can ask them anything, they'll have an answer for you.